Benefits of Cardio for Fat Burning explained

I am sure many of us have asked ourselves at some point which cardio routine is the most effective. Many believe that both high and low-intensity workouts are good at helping to burn body fat. Which one then is the best and quickest way to reduce your body fat?

It has been scientifically established that when doing intensive workouts

Your body burns glycogen, this is a form of carbohydrate, stored in your liver and muscles for energy. However, scientists also point out that low-intensity workouts burn a lot of body fat.

However, there are still many obese people dutifully doing low-intensity training, who seem to be having little success at burning their body fat.

Here’s my take on this problem. It is correct that a body burns more body fat during low-intensity exercise programs like swimming and walking. However, when doing high-intensity activities like running a lot more calories are used by your body. Even if some of these burnt calories are in the form of glycogen, many fat calories are also burnt.

Added to this when your body’s glycogen levels get low, your body will automatically replenish the glycogen by converting carbohydrates (from any food eaten later). This, of course, means that these yet to be consumed carbohydrates will not be converted to body fat when left unused.

In effect, high intensity workouts will juice up your metabolism long after you have left the gym. So that you will in effect be burning fat many hours after finishing your workout. This benefit, however, is however almost non-existent in aerobic and low-intensity workouts.

Ok, so how can you increase your fat burning when doing a low-intensity workout?

One solution is interval training. This is where you would, for example, walk for 5 minutes and then jog for the next 5 minutes before starting to walk again, then perhaps sprint for 1 minute, before walking again for 5 minutes. Then just continue alternating your walking and running for the next 15 minutes or until you finish your training session.

The great thing about cardio workouts is that they will help burn calories whilst at the same time help keep up your energy levels. If you have never done any cardio exercises then give it a go. It is one of the best ways to both keep in shape and boost your energy, whilst also helping to lose a few extra pounds (sorry Kilos now). Also it is easy to do and usually free if you use the parks and streets available where you live.

If you are just starting then take it slow at first and don’t over exert yourself – Rome wasn’t built in one day and your weight loss won’t happen in a day either.

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