Here’s Our Issue:

Everyone Wants a Piece of You.

You could have good health.

An invigorated life where you jump out of bed, ready to ATTACK!

You could have FULL CONTROL…

Control over your food choices.

Control over your spending.

Control over your leisure time.

But all around you are people eager to take that control from you.

People prioritising their own self interests.

Often people you never have and never will meet.


By trying to HEAVILY INFLUENCE all your day-to-day choices.

The Media. Medical Professionals. Work.
And Of Course – The Health and Fitness Industry.

They want to dictate your lifestyle.
Do they care about you and your family?
Most, unfortunately, do not.

The media releases conflicting new information daily.
Sometimes based on an industry-funded study.
Sometimes PURELY as click-bait.

They’ve confused us beyond belief.
What should I eat?
What works best for my health?

To hell with them I say.
Let’s focus on YOU FIRST.

Here’s why:

You CAN’T Get Back Days Past.

Cliché because it’s true. But we don’t want to hear it.

We don’t want to hear we what we COULD have had.
That we COULD have had power and control over our future.

Yes. You COULD have had your act together by now.
You COULD have walked in that room and felt the glow of respect radiating from your peers.

A corporate athlete.
The envy of your friends and family.

We get one life as far as we know, right?
This is the time.
And YOU are the professional who’s going to do it.

Go Ahead – Bite The Dust.

“Can’t do it? You’ll die if you push on?”
Go ahead then. Bite the dust.

The next generation will leave you forgotten.
You’ll be lucky if your partner stays loyal.

There is no sympathy for your pain.

Who gives a damn about your goals?
About what YOU want?
About what YOU need to do for your family?

The reality is cold and harsh.
There are no magic pills to reaching your goals.

But there is good news nonetheless.
And I am bursting with excitement to show you.
A process that’s a SURE path to victory.

It’s waiting for you right there in front of your eyes.

A weapon to help you fight the good fight.

Just reach out and grab it.

And I’ll be here to show you how to use it.

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– Ken Vernall

P.S. If you haven’t yet, watch the story for some extra inspiration!