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How To Quickly & Easily Fulfil Your Primal Desire

—Even if you have this excuse.

★★ Proof Unlocked ★★

107 Point Quality Checklist

(yes it’s long)

Start this lead magnet with a quick super short intro text.
Two sentences like this is fine.

1. First point made.

So by farrrr the easiest way to do this is edit this text in the “visual mode” in cornerstone.

2. Second point made.

Now it’s getting even easier. We can just copy paste.

3. Third point made.

Annnnd I just did.

See how easy this is?

Easy peasy!

4. You can even use quick keys to make the headings.

Control + Alt + 3 for third heading for example.

That’ll save you a LOT of time.

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– Ragnar

P.S. This lead magnet by leading it into awareness of a “magic wand” that’ll take care of this all.

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