Here’s what Ragnar did:

4 Steps To Go From State A to State B — Without downsides.

★★ Process Unlocked ★★


This might make you awesome.

Start this lead magnet with a quick super short intro text.
Two sentences like this is fine.

Step 1. First point made.

So by farrrr the easiest way to do this is edit this text in the “visual mode” in cornerstone.

Step 2. Second point made.

Now it’s getting even easier. We can just copy paste.

Step 3. Third point made.

Annnnd I just did.

See how easy this is?

Easy peasy!

Step 4. You can even use quick keys to make the headings.

Control + Alt + 3 for third heading for example.

That’ll save you a LOT of time.

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– Ragnar

P.S. Continue this lead magnet into some massive urgency-building copy.

When I first started to think about I realized:

There’s people out there actively trying to PREVENT you from doing this — It’s the main reason why you didn’t know this.

See the Matrix.
Take the red pill.

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