Meet Ken Vernall
And discover

“How He Was Stuck In The Corporate Rut … But Still Went From FLAB TO FIT, Whilst Raising His Newborn Children”

“…and ended up flat on my back at the side of the studio, desperately trying not to passout.”

Here’s the basic gist of the story:

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    Mid-Life Crisis In London

    The corporate lifestyle. It consumed him. It broke him as he watched years fly by.

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    The Downward Spiral

    A backlash of chronic health conditions piled up. Strained relationships. Overweight. And then, he became a father.

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    Quest For Clarity

    The future looked grim. He knew he needed to fix what was happening. He desperately sought answers.

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    Finding Whacky FANATIC Paul

    He looked like some fitness nutter. Like he survived off nothing but chicken and broccoli whilst living in a gym 24 hours a day.

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    IMMEDIATELY, A Weight Lifted Off His Shoulders

    Paul laid out a SIMPLE foundation giving Ken the clarity he needed. Ken did NOT expect this!

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    But Wait—He GAINED 16 Pounds in 2 Months!

    The epiphany lead to quick implementation. But then his best laid plans fell apart. What was going on? He had to persevere for the sake of his health and family.

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    BREAKTHROUGH Process -How He Finally Made It WORK

    The following month fat started to fall off. He gained energy. He attracted his wife again. Most of all, he fell in love with this new process and decided to share it.

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    The Truth: NO Magic Pills

    Time and experience taught him not to trust the industry. There are NO magic pills. NO magic machines. You CANNOT ignore the basics. You CANNOT “outsource your pushups”.

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    Years and Years Later, His No-Nonsense “Secret” Still Remains True

    A decade spent to understand the human body and mind. Ken’s best kept “secret” still rings true today.