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This “No-Nonsense” Programme Will Turn All Eyes Back On You – In 90 Days FLAT.

Even if you only have minutes spare each day!

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    A Trainer 100% Accountable To You

    Personalized to YOUR individual home/work situation. No weird science. We stay accountable for your results.

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    A Decade Focused On This

    10 years. It took a hell of a lot of feedback, trial and error. Now we stand behind our programmes with the utmost confidence.

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    For Your Family & Friends. A Role Model For All

    This is not just about becoming your best self. Our family needs us to be fit and healthy for them too.

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    I’ve Got Your Back. But Not JUST Me

    We work together with some of the UK’s top sports nutritional specialists. As well as leading Harley Street rehabilitation and medical specialists.

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    We’ll Do Everything But Your Pushups

    Custom solutions to your problems. Accountability. Daily gourmet food deliveries.


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Ken Vernall

10 Years of Fitness Program Testing With UK’s Leading Coaches Reveals A SURE FIRE Path To Forging Corporate Athletes — No Nonsense.
We Stay Accountable For YOUR Results.

Truth is, it really isn’t that hard. AT MOST 3 x 45 minutes sessions each week!

What Customers Are Saying:

“I dropped over 10kg and my fitness and functionality has improved enormously”

“Since working with Bodyscope I have lost 2.5 stone”

“I have been working with Ken for 7 years now”

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