It’s Tough.

If you’re a busy professional, the struggle is real.

Let me ask you:

  • Does work sometimes drain your energy? Leaving you with less laughter and enthusiasm at home?
  • Do you feel that less and less people find you attractive?
  • Is there a LEAN BODY somewhere inside you? One that is desperate to get out but just won’t even though you’ve TRIED HARD?

Then it’s possible life has dealt you a bad hand, and left you hanging with an unhealthy dose of fitness anxiety.

And left you confused about how to get results for YOU.
For YOUR situation.
YOUR life.


First of all, you’re not alone.
Many people go through this.

It’s called LIFE.

  • Your designer suit isn’t fitting quite as well as you’d like it to be right now.
  • You notice other people’s success and the younger generation nipping at your heels.
  • Right now you don’t know how get fitness to work for YOU and YOUR lifestyle.

So what? It’s only temporary.

It’s okay.
I can tell you from experience… it’s going to be OKAY.

And I will tell you here today: You can

STUN Your Peers.

You CAN be the best you can be.
Physically. Emotionally. Professionally.

You will compete with those half your age, and you will BEAT them.

You will be an ICON for your kids.

You will attract your partner, and the ENVY of your friends and colleagues.

They will raise two eyebrows and drop their jaws and think “wow, look who got fit”.


Gain Sex Appeal As You Age

You’re getting older.

Do you fear aches and pains starting to creep in?

Will you lose muscle and gain fat as you age?

Will you be left behind and struggle to keep up?

Have no fear.

From now you’ll not only age gracefully, you’ll feel like time went backwards.


And Yes, It WAS Your Environment.

We’re all a product of our environment.
You are where you are because of circumstance.

End of.

Life creeps up on you.

You get an injury.

Family pressures build.

These all affect your choices in life.

There’s the media and big companies creating mass confusion.

Who really knows what’s healthy?

Are they trying to help us?

Or are they just trying to make money from us?

And possibly the BIGGEST factor holding you back.

The unhealthy habits of people around you.

They suck you back into their lifestyle when you try to make changes to yours.

The good news is you can escape from their gravitational pull.

Stick around and I’ll show you how.

The Health and Fitness Industry Sucks!

Oh boy, the health and fitness industry.
Doing everything possible to make workouts painful and exhausting.

It’s generic.


They started off with people meaning well. But somewhere along the way they lost all ethics, and allowed investors to turn it into an industry purely focussed on profit.

They killed focus on the individual.

They hide behind money-back guarantees.


Because they know people won’t APPLY their programmes.

Especially with nobody there to hold them ACCOUNTABLE.

I’ve Been There Too

It’s been a while.

But I still remember it clearly.

I was living in London, leading a “corporate lifestyle”.

It took up all my time and slowly killed me inside.

I was overweight.

Social habits were at best NOT good – and maybe even illegal.

It was tough to just GET UP in the morning.

Chronic health conditions got worse and worse.

Personal relationships started to deteriorate.

And to amp up the pressure, I had just become father for the first time.

That made me look for clarity

I craved SIMPLE answers that were going to work.

Something that would work for the type of life I was living and the minimal spare time I had.

I wanted my health back.

I wanted energy.

To be functioning properly again.

And to not hate myself when I looked in the mirror.

For a long time I could not find the SIMPLE answers I was looking for.

Rather I found conflicting nonsense everywhere I looked.

Until I found PAUL.

And my life was never the same again.

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Ken Vernall

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