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Here’s a few words from 3 Raving Fans:

“I dropped over 10kg and my fitness and functionality has improved enormously”

My request of Ken was to help me get back into healthy eating habits, which included a modern understanding of diet and its impact, and to help build what I had called a functional fitness. I wanted to be healthy, have good energy levels and be in physically decent shape.

I have achieved all of the objectives and a bit more. I understand what is good for me and bad for me but am not religious about being good all the time.

From a body point of view I have dropped over 10kg and my fitness and functionality has improved enormously.

Global CEO Banking


“Since working with Bodyscope I have lost 2.5 stone”

Since working with Ken I have lost 2.5 stone and seen a general improvement in my fitness level. However this is a long term project and I want to keep the weight I’ve lost off.

I also feel a lot more in control of my diet.

“I have been working with Ken for 7 years now”

I have been working with Ken for 7 years now and during that time I have had lots of ups and downs on the health and fitness front. But despite these Ken has remained relentlessly encouraging and enthusiastic, adapting his approach to our training sessions and devising new programmes to meet my changing needs and goals.

His persistence has helped to keep me motivated to achieve my personal goals.

European Managing Director

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